My name is Marcelo Perez, I am a New Media designer with more than ten years of experience working in various dynamic and collaborative environments. I design clean and intuitive visual experiences, direct and engaging user interface paradigms and unique smart solutions to communicate your ideas. Welcome to Insectoid.

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No task is too big or too small, below is a list with the services I provide, if you have questions please send your enquiries to

  • UI/UX
  • Visual, Web and Interactive
  • iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm Pre and Android OS UI
  • Icon and Glyph
  • Identity
  • Motion for Web
  • Rich Media Events
  • Illustration and Character Development
Tutorials + Downloads


Many thanks to Tim Van Damme (Former Gowalla and now Instagram's UI designer) for the Dribbble invite. Here's my Dribbble page. I'll be posting stuff that I'm working on so check it out and follow me.

iPhone4 slideshow demo

The iPhone4 slideshow demo is a simple way to show your iPhone4 UI mocks to your clients, built using Javascript and CSS is simple and elegant, it is based on devthought BarackSlideshow and showcases the same elegant flow and nice smooth navigation.
Download here.

HTML5 video

This example works fine on Safari 4 but launches Quicktime Player in my ITouch, I've modified a WebKit example I found a while back, if you use it, link back.

MP3 Player

This a very simple MP3 player written in HTML 5, JQuery and CSS 3. It works fine with Safari but Firefox doesn't support the MP3 format. You're stuck with Ogg or WAV. It works in Mobile Safari on my iPod Touch but the audio element is visible and the MP3 launches a Quicktime player. This code is for anyone to use. If you are feeling generous, link back to this page so other people can find and use this player too.

iPhone stencil

AI CS4 iPhone+iPod touch stencil stencil in Illustrator CS4, it contains most basic UI elements and is constantly updated. If you are feeling generous link back to this page so other people can find and use this layout too.
Download here (v121209)